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In his 60+ years of pastoral ministry, Pastor Jack Hayford interacted with and mentored thousands of pastors and leaders. These interactions shaped his perspective on the things that most concern pastors and leaders today, not the least of which is the pastoral pursuit of nurturing people who may grow unto becoming a Spirit-formed church.

Who is Pastor Jack?

Who is Pastor Jack?

Founder of The Kings University, Former President of The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, and Founding Pastor of The Church On The Way in Van Nuys, California

Jack Hayford has lived in a “God-drenched, Spirit-saturated” world since the moment of is unusual birth. He has dedicated his life to reminding us that we live in that incredible world too.

Author, global leader, Bible teacher and writer of hundreds of hymns including “Majesty,” Jack Hayford is passionate about opening our eyes to see how God speaks to us today. Despite international fame over the past five decades, Hayford’s personal walk with God has stayed foundational in his life.

If you wonder if God’s glory can be seen today, if you long for the wisdom of a truly inspiring leader, or if you want to read the Bible with wonder once again, then let Pastor Jack draw you closer to the God who has never stopped giving His children miracles.

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Study Pastor Robert’s & Pastor Jack’s Sermons Today!

Study Pastor Robert’s & Pastor Jack’s Sermons Today!